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The LOVE Line 

Audio Guest Book 

The voicemail's you'll want to keep!

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What is it

This Audio Guest Book allows you to capture Authentic and Unfiltered Voicemail Messages at your wedding, party or milestone event. Each guest will be able to pick up the phone and leave you a voicemail you will want to keep and cherish forever. They can leave you a heartfelt message, s past story/memory, well wishes for the future, or whatever comes to mind at the time. It a fun activity for your guest and a unique way to change up your event. 

Easy to Use


How it works 

Audio Guest Book is battery powered so can go anywhere. Turn it on and you are good to go. It’s that easy. Once guest pickup the phone they will be able to leave you a message and then o end the recording they simple place the phone back on the receiver for the next guest. 

We save Every single message which is recorded as it’s own individual voicemail. You will receive all messages within a one week after your event via mail. Perfect for honeymoon listening!


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Rental Cost - $150.00 

+ tax, Delivery and Pickup 

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